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Fan girling over Arashi and Oguri Shun

Enjoying concert goodness
I'm enjoyed the Kimi to boku ni miteiru concert. Ridiculous costumes though, even for arashi. But the production is amazing and it's always fun to see them live. Ohno's solo is to die for.

Catch Up
My computer died this summer......twice. Thankfully it was acting weird before so I kept backing everything up and didn't lose much except for a few Utada Hikaru albums. The problem is of course that I now had to go back and restore everything, find everything, and re-load everything. I didn't use my iPod for about two months.

Now I'm playing download catch up with Arashi since the last single I down loaded was probably Crazy Moon. But I'm all caught up now as of last night. I watched the making of Love Rainbow and finally got the Monster, Love Rainbow, and To Be Free singles. I have to say, I'm kinda disappointed with the Love Rainbow and To Be Free PVs. So boring. Too much green screen. The making of Love Rainbow was even boring to me because they weren't even filming all together and since it was all green screen, they just stood there. I like the making of for Monster and Crazy Moon better. But besides the boring PVs, I really like the new singles. I think they're very catchy and fun. Of course I love Ohno's solo. It gets me every time.

5x10 just a little late
Finally back on here after a very long hiatus that I'll explain in the next post. All I have to say is that I bought the 5x10 Anniversary Tour DVD for $18. All regions too. So happy.

Bye Bye Shukudai-Kun
 Well I watched the last episode of Shukudai-kun last night. It was kinda sad. AnS was the who where I really go to know Arashi. I used to type "Arashi" into youtube and just see what random clips popped up. They all looked pretty sad that it was ending too. Funny that I'm going to miss Ogura-san too. I'm not really too fond of the lady hosting Himitsu no Arashi-chan right now. Ogura-san always seemed like their uncle. But since I'm still relatively knew to the downloading part of the fandom, I have plenty of old shukudai-kun episodes to keep me occupied. 

I love you too, Ohno

Sho Nyan Nyan was fail/awesome. 

Sho-kun? Is that you?

I'm the girl with the pigtails
I found this on amidstblackskies.tumblr.com/ It's adorable.

I love the drawings of the other members, especially Ohno as the lead fisherman. It only makes sense.

The first previews for the Troublemaker PV are slowly leaking out. They came across my Tumblr tonight. Looks like a fun one but my first impression of my beloved Sho was that he looks like a candy cane. But that's fine cause I love candy canes.

I think that suit was meant to signal to those outside of the fandom that this was a song for Sho's drama. Something like "Hey look at that guy in the red striped suit; the one you can't stop staring at! Yeah, this song is the theme for his drama. Go. Watch. Now."

I think Sho could also work in the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Aiba Love
There isn't enough Aiba Masaki love in this journal so I'm attempting to correct that now. I'll admit, Aiba took the longest for me to come around to. I didn't particularly care for his breathy voice or find him that attractive relative to Matsujun who was my first favorite. But it was Aiba's letter on 24 Hour TV that really made me see that Arashi's friendship and camaraderie wasn't just an act. It was one of the earliest Arashi videos I stumbled upon back when I was in Japan and it was really touching. He just seems so sincere even when he's completely goofing off. And how can you not love him always talking about how grateful he is to be part of Arashi?

I am convinced that no one could spend more than five minutes with Aiba and not be laughing and smiling. I don't care if you speak Japanese or not, Aiba will get through to you. He always has the biggest grin on his face.

Watching Aiba and those lions also made me question Johnny's sanity. Why is he letting is adorable idols feed raw meat to un-caged lions?!?! But Aiba and animals are like peanut butter and jelly. We all know Sho would have been a goner if he'd been with those lions.

So high five Aiba Masaki! You are the sunshine of Arashi and you brighten up my day!

Yamada Tarou Monogatari
I finished this drama over the weekend so it's time for a little review after thinking about it for a while.

Sadly, this drama isn't going to be making it on to my list of top dramas anytime soon for a variety of reasons.

Spoiler Warning...Collapse )

I love the Olympics, summer or winter. One of my favorite events happens to be speed skating and one of the most well- known American skaters has the same last name as our beloved Riida. Therefore, when I see headlines like "Ohno's Silver, His 6th medal, Ties Record" I do not think of


I think of this

Thank you Arashi for monopolizing all the free space within my brain.


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